Challenge yourself to think differently


No challenge. No change. 

Golf is a humbling sport that requires patience, integrity and the ability to laugh at yourself. Over the last decade the golf industry has not been in a good place. Golf course operators have struggled to find the optimal way to sell their expiring inventory and acquire new customers. This has resulted in a race to the bottom. The golf industry is at a crossroads and seems to neglect the things that matter most to golfers. 

Millennials have become the core demographic.

For the first time this year, the subscription-savvy millennial audience (ages 18-34) has become the largest segment of the golfing population. This group represents 6.2 million out of golf's 23.8 million core participants. According to the NGF, the large millennial audience is playing just 12.5 rounds/year while the senior (70+) audience is playing 47.3 rounds per year. The industry needs to shift their focus on experiential activations and incentive based programs that reward consumers for their behaviors such as Delta Skymiles Experiences and SPG Moments.    

Digital distribution is a growth market.

Only 16% of tee times were booked online in 2016 while a comScore study revealed that 51% of general retail purchases were made online during the same period. Online tee time bookings continue to grow while off-course retail outlets lost 24% of their square footage in 2016. Golf has no centralized hub like Amazon Prime where golfers can consolidate their online tee time and equipment/apparel spending.

Challenge yourself to think differently. 

At Forelinx — we had an idea. If the simplest products are designed to make life easier, then why is finding a golf membership that fits our schedule and budget so expensive and restrictive? We've built a new type of golf membership that uses a precisely engineered Points-system — flexible enough for any lifestyle. Our team took a deep dive into the antiquated country club business model and rebuilt it from the ground up. No initiation fees, no long term contracts, no food and beverage minimums, low monthly fees, exclusive video content, once in a lifetime experiences and access to a growling list of golf courses. We knew golf needed change and Forelinx is just a more human way.