Bring Friends and Earn Points with Guest Rewards


Guest Rewards

"Guest Rewards" is a new feature that allows Forelinx Members to earn Points through bringing guests. Our mission is to inject Forelinx Points back into the ecosystem and create a habit for members to lower the cost of their golf through bringing friends. The launch of Guest Rewards brings us a step closer to our mission of making golf more affordable and approachable. 

When a Forelinx Member brings 8 guest they will earn 100 Points. That is the equivalent of $25. There's no limit on how many Points a Member can earn through Guest Rewards.

1. Bring 8 Guests.

2. Earn 100 Forelinx Points.

3. Repeat. 

*Terms: All guests brought after February, 27th 2018 will be counted towards Guest Rewards. A reservation must be completed for a guest to be counted towards the required 8 guests. There is no limit of how many Points a Member can earn through Guest rewards. These terms are subject to change with written notice.