Cure the Slice that gives you nightmares


Slice, Slice, Baby

Paul Parlane is the playing and teaching Professional at The Floridian National Golf Club in Palm City, Florida. In this video, Paul shares the important of your grip and wrist position to help eliminate sidespin and cure your slice. 

The road to playing good golf does not include a slice. You can go from hitting a hook to playing good golf, but if you don't learn how to stop hitting shots with an open club-face, you won't get very far. The unfortunate reality is that a large majority of players, maybe 90% struggle with a slice.

Paul is originally from New Zealand. He grew up in the small town of Te Awamutu, population 8000. Paul has dedicated over thirty-five years to his career in golf.  After a distinguished amateur career, during which he competed alongside some of today's top New Zealand professionals, including Michael Campbell, Phil Tataurangi, and Steve Alker, Paul chose to commit his life to the world of professional golf. For the full length video subscribe to our 7 week plan here →


To learn more from Paul follow him at @paulparlanegolf