A Tee-Time Concierge to Any Golf Course in The United States



We’re excited to release a new product called, Forelinx Elite. For just $29/month, you can now utilize your Forelinx membership to access a special concierge that will book tee times for you at any course in the United States that will accept prepayment for a round. Rather than limiting yourself to just the few hundred courses that are inside of our network, now our Forelinx Elite members will be able to utilize their Forelinx Points at any of the thousands of public golf facilities nationwide.

The introduction of this special membership tier is a direct result of the changes that COVID has brought to the golf industry. Availability at our partner courses is historically scarce as our course partners are seeing utilization rates that they’ve never seen before. Whether you’re a Forelinx Member or just a member of the general public, it’s as hard as it’s ever been to get a tee time. Golfers have to spend more time looking for places to play and are required to book their tee times much farther in advance than we became accustomed to over the last couple of decades.

We at Forelinx have always had a relentless focus on improving the quality of our membership experience. We send you surveys, interact with you directly and watch closely the data/analytics associated with our product’s usage all in an effort to learn how we can better tailor our product to your wants and needs. The insights we gain from you are vast, but one recurring theme has always been a desire from our members for access to a wider network of golf courses. We listened to you tell us how much trouble you were having finding available tee times during these post-COVID times and decided we wanted to do something about it.

We explored partnerships not only with individual courses and multi-course networks, but also with larger tee time aggregators in an effort to provide our members a wider range of options for where to play. We continue to work on the expansion of the booking window beyond seven days and continue to reach out to our course partners to get them to provide us more advance access. While those efforts remain ongoing, the creation of Forelinx Elite was something that we could do right now on our own in order to provide our members a better Forelinx product.

Forelinx Elite will be a game changer when it comes to the Forelinx experience. Almost no public course is unreachable to the Forelinx Elite member and the time-consuming process of searching for available inventory will disappear almost entirely to those who upgrade to this special membership class. Forelinx Elite members need only reach out to their concierge and make their requests for where/when to play and our first-rate support staff will bend over backwards to turn their requests into reality.

We’re excited to be able to bring the Forelinx product to the next level and hope that you consider upgrading to enjoy its benefits.