Q&A with George Gankas - Golf Digest's No. 11 Ranked Golf Coach in America


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George Gankas is one of the world's most-watched and quoted coaches on social media. George is currently ranked No. 11 in Golf Digest's 50 Best teachers in America. George coaches a handful of players on the PGA Tour like Matthew Wolff, and some of the top collegiate players in the world. 

We had the chance to sit down with George and ask some questions about his background and where he collects his inspiration.


Where are you from?

GG: Oxnard, California

What was your very first job?

GG: I worked at a welding shop as a shopkeeper. I would sweep the floors and pick up scraps, basically anything the owner needed I did it.

How did you get introduced to golf?

GG: My dad. He would always talk trash to me saying he would beat me so I picked up the game when I was 17 years old just to show him who was boss.

Did you play other sports growing up?

GG: I played all sports growing up but my main sport was wrestling. I wrestled throughout high school and also played on the volleyball team. Wrestling was a great sport for golf because it taught me how to use the ground to create force.

When did you know you wanted to be a golf coach?

GG: I still don’t know I want to be a golf coach. I want to play golf.

Where do you get all your inspiration and knowledge of the golf swing?

GG: My biggest inspiration is helping others, I get stoked on seeing them improve. I read every golf swing related book I can and record every PGA Tour event to study players swings. There is beauty in each one and lots to be learned from various moves. When i’m looking for advice or a sounding board I go to Chris Como because he is a biomechanic specialist and super bright.  

What advice would you give to golfers picking up the sport?

GG: Hit a lot of golf balls to get coordination and find a repetitive shot, but most importantly  have fun with it.

What advice would you give to a player trying to break 80?

GG: Study your stats. Try and identify a common mistake that’s leading to bogeys. Stop hitting drivers on the range and become a ninja from 100 yards and in.

What advice would you give to a tour pro?

GG: Study your stats. Identify your weakness and make it your strength. A lot of players neglect the weakest part of their game and only practice their strengths.  Great players need to be honest with themselves.  

How would you describe your coaching style?

GG: Hands on. I work on a mix of feel and visualization to get my players to hit positions and make the golf swing an athletic move.

When did you decide to start your Instagram account?

GG: We were at Brentwood Country Club and my friend told me I needed to get on Instagram. He insisted that i’d blow up on it because I have such great info.

Did you have any idea your Instagram account would be such a success?

GG: None, not even a little bit. At first it was haters talking trash until I started putting out some good info and people starting joining and being cool.

What has been the highlight of your coaching career thus far?

GG: I have a few highlights: watching my juniors dominate and win state titles, watching students get through Q school and get their tour cards, recently watching Sung Kang take 2nd, 6th and 10th on the PGA Tour 3 weeks in a row and getting the chance to coach Darren Clarke for a week.

As a coach, do you set goals for yourself? If so, what are they?

GG: At first yes. I wanted to be a top 100 coach but I don’t care anymore as it means nothing. I have friends who are top 100 coaches and they are coming to me for advice. My goal now is to make my students better players period.

What are you the most passionate about outside of golf?

GG: Getting to do fun things with friends. I’m always working so I don’t get much time to spend with friends.


To learn more about George Gankas follow him @georgegankasgolf