Coffee & Golf with Patrick ⏤ Episode 5 at Hidden House Coffee & River View Golf Course


Meet Patrick Hardy, this is a guy who loves golf, almost as much as he loves coffee. Patrick takes us around local golf courses within the Forelinx network but there will always be #coffeefirst


In this episode, we stop by Hidden House Coffee in Santa Ana, California. You might remember Hidden House from an earlier episode, but to refresh your memory, this is where they bake fresh pastries on site. The smell coming out of this place draws you in! This little gem is literally hidden in the middle of Santa Ana just a few blocks from the main drag with so much to offer in the way of coffee, pastries, and atmosphere. And, all this is just down the road from Riverview Golf Course!

After stopping at Hidden House Coffee we cruise over to River View Golf Course. This course is a fun one, especially when the river is flowing. Personally, I like it because it is conveniently located and very affordable. There is a fun 18-hole putting course on the putting green, which is cool to play before or after your round. If you get a chance to come to Santa Ana be sure to swing by Hidden House on your way to the course.