Coffee & Golf with Patrick ⏤ Episode 1 at Bear Coast Coffee & Shorecliffs Golf Course


Bear Coast Blog

We are wanting to introduce you to a different part of the game of golf, where we explore the before, middle, and sometimes after the round. 

We believe that golf’s future will look different than it has in the past. People will play for fun as much as if not more than they have before. We will take ourselves less seriously and find ourselves meeting more new people and finding more good times.

Each month we will intro a new aspect of the game, give some insight, and just entertainment.

Meet Patrick Hardy this is a guy who loves golf, almost as much as he loves coffee. Patrick is going to be taking us on a journey of local golf courses in our network but there will always be #coffeefirst

This first episode is in San Clemente, CA home of beaches, vacationers, and of course coffee & golf. We start our day at Bear Coast Coffee, a local favorite right here at the San Clemente Pier, and then head to Shorecliffs Golf Club.